It doesn’t matter which strategy you follow when it comes to investment in Pakistan’s stock market. Whether an investor goes for fundamental analysis, looks for price history or simply follow what major market influencers are doing. Profitability of company or Earnings per share of stock is something every investor looks for.  Earnings per Share or EPS not only results in old fashioned dividend outcome for investors but is also one of the major factor which triggers gain in price of stocks. Here are the top stocks of Pakistan’s Stock Exchange PSX when it comes to EPS:

Rafhan Maize Products Company Limited trading under the symbol of RMPL has the rewarding EPS of Rs. 629.43 for its latest 12 months period. The stock remains mainly unnoticed due to its extremely low volume. On its last trading session of July 20th, 2020 RMPL closed on Rs. 7,700.00 with a mere traded volume of 80 shares only. Highest volume ever recorded was 25,500 shares back in 2003 when stock price traded within the ranges of Rs. 312- Rs. 512. It all time historic low is Rs. 312 in 2003 and all time historic high was Rs. 12,600 back in 2014 whereas it’s EPS for the year stood at Rs. 272.48 for the same year.

Headquartered in Faisalabad, Pakistan, the company is engaged in production of high quality food ingredients & industrial products such as starches & sweeteners used in 50 types of different industries.

Unilever Pakistan Food Limited trading under the symbol of UPFL reported the EPS of Rs. 427.41 considering its last trailing 12 months period. Unilever also trades with low volumes due to high price and long term investors holding stakes in the company. Highest volume ever recorded in the stock is 3,000 shares only while there are even trading session when stock doesn’t even trade. The share price closed at Rs. 9,575 as on July 20th, 2020. UPFL all time low is Rs. 215 back in 2003 while its historic high is Rs. 11,735.01 which the share touched in the year 2013, earnings per share in the year 2013 stood at Rs. 163.17.

The company operates in Pakistan with its 400 brands including nutritionally balanced foods, ice creams, affordable soaps, shampoos, household care products. There brand include Lipton, Knorr, Dove, Axe, Hellmann’s and Omo.

Mari Petroleum Company Limited trading under symbol MARI is one of the four stocks in Oil & Gas Exploration sector. MARI also happens to be the stock with highest market price of Rs. 1,330.00 in its relevant sector and it should be with Earnings per Share of Rs. 244.24 trailing last 12 months. MARI saw its all time historic low at Rs. 42 back in year 2003 while it’s highest have been Rs. 1,859.00 in the year 2017. EPS in 2017 stood at Rs. 82.87 for MARI. Company in last one year saw the low rate of Rs. 816.00 while its highest was Rs. 1,504.00

Mari Gas Field was initially formed in 1954 by Pakistan Stanvac Petroleum Project through a joint venture between Government of Pakistan & M/s Esso Eastern Incorporated. However in 1984 M/s Esso Eastern sold its entire shares to Fauji Foundation, in 1984 Mari Gas Company Limited was incorporated as a public limited company with Fauji Foundation, Government of Pakistan and OGDCL as shareholders having 40%, 40% and 20% shareholding respectively.

Bhanero Textile Mills Limited trading under the symbol of BHAT reported its earnings per share of Rs. 168.06 trailing last 12 months. Currently trading at Rs. 835 as on July 20th, 2020; the stock comes with history of reporting lucrative earnings and low trading volumes. BHAT historic low is at Rs. 67.20 which it touched back in 2009 while its historical high is Rs. 1,000.00 which it touched recently in 2020.

Bhanero Textile Mills Limited is a subsidiary of Umer Group of Companies established in 1982. Bhanero is just one many gems Umer Group holds. Other public limited sister concerns of Bhanero include Faisal Spinning Mills Ltd and Blessed Textile Mills Ltd.

Nestle Pakistan Limited having symbol NESTLE can also be regarded as stock which long term investors have been holding for as long as they can. Currently trading at Rs. 6,750.00 with traded volume of only 40 shares on July 20, 2020, the share price comes with EPS of Rs. 154.78 trailing latest 12 months period. Looking at its price history, the share price lowest was Rs. 174 back in 2003 while it highest ever is Rs. 13,650 for which it touched in year 2017. The high in 2017 can also be justified with EPS of Rs. 322.86 in the respective year.

Nestle Pakistan Limited is well known conglomerate having household brands like MilkPak, Nestvita, Nido, MILO, Nestle Juices, Everyday, Mineral Water and much more.

Umer Akhtar

Umer Akhtar

Umer Akhtar has an diverse experience in commercial & corporate banking. He has been associated with several websites covering NYSE and NASDAQ. Mr. Umer Akhtar holds a command over fundamental & technical analysis of stocks and capital markets.

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